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Thank you for visiting the Doce Pares West Coast Head Quarters for Eskrima, Arnis, Kali - Doce Pares Multi-System founded by Master Instructor Leonilo "Nilo" Baron, 8th grade black belt and personal protégé of Grandmaster Diony Cañete of Cebu, Philippines. The Filipino Martial Arts Academy is located in Sacramento, California. This Sacramento Martial Arts school teaches the Doce Pares Multi-System implementing Eskrima, Arnis, Kali. The Filipino Martials Arts teaching at this Sacramento Martial Arts school is well rounded and very family friendly.

At the Filipino Martial Arts Academy or FMAA Sacramento, being family friendly is important. Both parents and children can be students of Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali. FMAA Sacramento teaches single stick fighting, double stick fighting, and empty hands fighting. This Sacramento Martial Arts school also teaches knife fighting and defensive fighting against hand guns and knives. Whether it is Eskrima, Arnis, Kali - Doce Pares Multi-System fighting and defensive Filipino Martial Arts - FMAA Sacramento has a very comprehensive curriculum that caters to adults and children of all ages from 7 to 107. Come in and join FMAA Sacramento, the Doce Pares West Coast Head Quarters.

Doce Pares was founded on January 11, 1932 by a small group of Eskrima Masters spearheaded by Eulogio Cañete, Lorenzo Saavedra and Teodoro Saavedra. Twelve of them originally conceptualized it but shortly after its inauguration on January 21 that year, the membership rose to twenty four. Eulogio Cañete and Teodoro Saavedra were elected as President and Vice President respectively. Other elected officers and original members were, Fortunato Peñalosa (secretary), Marcelo Verano, Deogracias Nadela, Strong Tupas, Rodolfo Quijano, Pio Deiparine, Florentino Cañete, Felimon Cañete, Juanito Lauron, Federico Saavedra, Cecilio Dela Victoria, Lorenzo Saavedra, Margarito Revilles and Anastacio Deiparine.

The name Doce Pares was adopted in reference to the famous twelve bodyguards of Emperor Charlemagne of France (AD 768-814). these twelve people all top swordsmen were known to have fought and killed hundreds of enemies in battles.


Filipino Martial Arts Academy School Grandmaster Dionisio Cañete

Northern California, Filipino Martial Arts Academy School Grandmaster Dionisio Cañete

GRANDMASTER Dionisio Cañete

Dionisio belongs to the second generation of the famous Martial Art advocates, the Cañete brothers of Cebu City, Philippines. He is the youngest son of GM Eulogio (Ylong) Cañete, the principal organizer of Doce Pares, who headed the organization since its founding in 1932 until his death in June 1988.

Dionisio began his lessons in the Filipino Art in 1946 at the age of eight from his father and brother Iluminado, the eldest of the five children (4 sons and a daughter) of Eulogio and Irenea Aventurado.

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